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The Best of Arabic Eau De  Perfumes in Dubai

Arabic perfumes attars and Ouds have a distinct and exotic scent that makes them unique and instantly recognizable. They offer the wearer an experience of rich luxury, and the warmth of a heritage that spans millennia.
Perfumes and scents have come to play a very important part in the everyday life of most of the people. Arabs are one of the first civilisations in the world to have adopted perfumes as a part of their daily life. The use of perfumes in Arabic society dates back almost 5,000 years. In fact, the modern perfume industry owes a great deal to ancient Arabic perfumery.
If you are out and about in Dubai, looking to buy Arabic perfumes, for yourself or as a gift, here are few places you should definitely check out:

Al Rasasi Perfumes

Over the past three decades Al Rasasi Perfumes at City Centre Mirdif, has built a worldwide reputation for creating exclusive oriental and western fragrances that are unmatched in quality, luxury and elegance. The Dubai-based brand offers its customers an expansive portfolio of perfumes that vary in notes, types and applications. Al Rasasi’s fragrances are designed and manufactured at a state-of-the-art facility by skilled perfumists and exported to over 50 countries across the world. In addition to this, brand operates an extensive retail and distribution network across the GCC.

White Oud Perfumes

Last 10 years white oud perfumes are there in the Dubai and UAE market. They have shops in Ibn batuta Mall, Burjuman Mall, Madina Mall, Dubai Festival City. During this decade white oud perfumes has attracted the attention of international customers also. There is huge demand of this perfume from US, UK, Africa, Belgium, Argentina etc. They have the best collections of Eau de perfumes for men and Woman. The Parfume quality is appreciable, because it lasts for more than one day. This shows that, the quality of perfume is vey good. Apart from this they have great collections of Ouds Bakhurs also. Lattaffa Perfumes also sold by this perfume company.

Al Haramain Perfumes

Founded in the holy city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia, Al Haramain Perfumes at City Centre Mirdif has over four decades of experience in manufacturing innovative, high-quality oriental perfumes for customers around the world. The brand specializes in Arabic fragrances, and each of its creations has a distinctive personality and offers a unique combination of the exotic and the contemporary.


Swiss Arabian’s perfumes are designed with an expansive knowledge of legendary Arabian perfumery, oriental craftsmanship and ultra-modern technology. The brand operates with a vision to offer its customers the perfect mix of oriental and western perfumes. One of the first perfume manufacturers in the UAE, Swiss Arabian produces more than 35 million perfumes annually and exports to over 80 countries.

White Musk Perfumes

White Musk Perfume is one of the best perfumes in UAE, Dubai. They have lot of collections of fragrances which mainly attracts people from foreign countries. They have shops in Deira, Festival City, Dubai Mall, Sahara center. Most of their Eau de perfumes are long lasting and worth for money.

Yas Perfumes

Yas Perfumes is said to be one of the most distinguished perfume houses in the Middle East, offering some of the most innovatively designed Arabic and Western perfumes at high customer value. The company was founded with a vision to make high-end, exclusive perfumes more accessible to customers in the Middle East. To this end, Yas Perfumes operates more than 42 outlets in the region.
In addition to these, the city of Dubai offers you many more options to indulge your love for Arabian fragrances. Be sure to check out stores like Abdul SamadalQurashi, Ajmal, Arabian Oud, L’Occitane, Jo Malone and Sephora.

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Players who tend to play mostly off their front foot do well with a bat where the “sweet spot” is right in the middle, also known as a “medium” positioning. As the name implies, a medium bat is a mix between low and high bats. This is a great choice for general batters and batters who play off their front foot. Hook shots/cuts. More fond of fancier shots like these? Are you more of a back-foot player? Then a “medium-high” or “high” bat is probably for you. This positioning of the “sweet spot” up towards your hands makes these hits easier and powerful. These days Vintage and Retro series bats are more popular in youngsters due to lightweight and round bottom which is less prone to break. 6. Handle Type And lastly, we have the type of handle. This is an understandably important part of the bat: without a proper or comfortable grip, you won’t be able to control the bat how you need to. The handle should also absorb impact and shock from the ball so you don’t feel it in your hands. 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KENT Excel+ has 7 liters of purified water storage capacity with a hydrostatic storage tank. This tank facilitates pressurized supply of purified water even in the absence of running water and electricity. It also has high purification capacity of 15 liters/hour.

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